About Me

cropped-dsc028801.jpgAs a new social worker, I was excited to share my daily struggles and accomplishments with others. I quickly learned that I would get one of three responses: the immediate smile and interest – tell me more phenomenon, the tightening of shoulders and closed body language not wanting to know any more, and then the ‘oh you are so nobel’. I always find the reactions interesting, but I definitely don’t see myself as nobel, although I am aware that I am a special person and do a hard job. But I am also learning, that my authentic self is what makes me special, not my job title.  I  officially became a social worker over 4 years ago. As hard as it can be, it is also overwhelmingly rewarding at times.

So why have I chosen this path in life? Well, emotional turmoil is something I happen to know a lot about. I had a difficult childhood and often found ways to cope on my own – even overcoming my sexual abuse. After this solo venture, I decided to dedicate myself to a path determined to minimize the pain and isolation for others, especially for young adolescents, teens and tweens.

I am writing this blog as a means to continue to uncover the layers of my trauma, as I often simultaneously assist others with theirs. I am writing this blog to open up about how my internal turmoil fuels my determination and success but also challenges me. I hope that my struggles will shed light on the life of being a south asian social worker in recovery from abuse.

~Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional~


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