This is my most honest poem – the one that I wrote when I was able to describe and explain how the abuse has left me feeling. At the time, I was 20 years old when I wrote this …

Desert Society and One Abused Child

In the dry, hot desert

the sun beaming for miles

sand blowing into the face

eyes, ears and teeth

of a wandering child

Wondering how

she ended up alone

surrounded by miles of nothingness

Feels rejected,

lost and confused

She continues her journey

 parched, tired and scared

With no sign of a refreshing start

grows cold and feels bare

The way she feels – we can imagine

but can we feel her sorrow

hear her prayers, experience her delusions,

or even come to her conclusions?

As she wanders, she gets

beat up, abused and grows tired

Why has this misery fallen upon her

Why the world has forgotten

And why god has cursed her childhood?

Some relationships don’t have a name

– such as sister, cousin or friend

Some situations should never exist

Some things once taken can

never be returned

A desire burns in her heart

for a companion, for a new start

Love and hate take turns

occupying her soul

How should she continue?

Should she get angry and curse

the world, the wind, the sand

Or should she make her peace?

What about the pain, the suffering

What about the cactus needles

piercing her entire being

What about those lost days

those potential happy moments

that could have, she had

It is easy to blame her

She got lost – it’s her fault

It’s easy not to take responsibility

for our society

our desert

It’s easy to ignore

To forget

To want to forget

But she will never forget

Her heart will burn

Her eyes will bleed

Her soul will cry

Just a child

she will grow up

Incomplete Inside


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